Friday, 8 October 2010

Dusk Till Dawn, Best Ever Value Comp

DTD in Nottingham (UK) is shortly holding what will probably be the best value comp ever held for live UK poker players. Called the "Grand Prix" with a mere £50+8 entry fee with £40,000 guaranteed, and a first prize of circa £13,000. This means they need 800 entries to break even. I think 600 is as many as they can hope for.

It is over the Fri, Sat, Sun of 29th, 30th and 31st of October. Friday and Saturday will both be Day One's with the second and final day being on the Sunday. The event will be televised and shown on Sky.

Rob Yong (the owner) says they are trying to break the record number of entries for a UK poker comp. There are one or two things that strike me as strange about this event though, the main one being that you can only buy in "online" through the DTD website. No one will be allowed to buy in directly at the club. That seems strange to me as if they are genuinely just trying to break the record then surely that would help its chances immensely. I don't know the real reason for the online only buy in, but suspect it has more to do with channeling money through the DTD poker site than the comp it self. Whatever the reason I intend to take full advantage of any value on offer.

The main reason I think it won't make the 800 is the Friday day one. I've actually registered for that day as at my age I like a rest day in between, but running my own company allows me the luxury of taking a day off whenever I like but for most people that's not an option. Though they have now put the start time on the Friday back to 4.00pm so that will help.

Like most UK live poker players I wish DTD well and support them whenever I can. I don't play there more than once every 4-8 weeks as it's just over an hour and 20 minute drive for me but it is a very well run club.

The monthly £300 deepstack (first weekend of every month) is probably the best regular poker comp run in the country with the winner usually picking up £20k-£30k first prize.

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alexandra said...

Wow..I should really move to the UK. Barely any good live tournaments here (Sweden). :(