Monday, 10 October 2011

Bad Day Turns Good.

The GUKPT Coventry started yesterday, and I was in the invitational freeroll final @ 2.00pm and it went really bad right from the 1st hand.

Button seat 1, I open for 125 in seat 4 (UTG) with AQhh and get 2 callers. Flop comes Kh10h6c and I brick the turn and river to lose the first hand.

It pretty much went downhill from there and I get bluffed off a small pot to a river bet though I was totally happy about it. There was so few chips in the middle and I felt I was calling for a split at best and with 2 players still to act behind me let the hand go. Though as it turned out I had the best hand.

I then OP another pot for 125 (this was probably the 4 or 5th I'd opened in the first few rounds) and I get one or two callers and a 3 bet to 600 (ish). The sb then ships in for 6,600.

I have QQ which might seem automatic call but I did consider folding as the 6.6k man is not one to make that move without a really big hand.

After weighing up that there was only 1 prize to play for I thought I'd take the gamble and called.

He has KK and I don't improve. This leaves me with 1,300 chips. Though with the blinds now just going up to 50/100 I was still in the game.

I folded a few hands and then shove over a couple of limpers with 77. Sadly one of the early limpers had 99 and I'm out after 30 minutes.

I was dissapointed as I'd invested so much time to get to this final and even though it was free I was feeling pretty bad.

So it's just gone 2.30 pm and the evening GUKPT event 1 (£30 re-buy satellite) does not start for 5 hours!

Some stragglers come into the casino thinking the normal afternoon comp will be on though it isn't due to the GUKPT. So we play a £10 1 table SNG to pass some time and of course I run golden and win it! Hitting nut flush's like they are going out of fashion, and flopping 2 pairs for fun.

It was great fun and it lightened my mood considerably. Scott (another invitational busto) and Frenchy were seated to my left and it made for a lively table. After running so good I breeze through to HU.

Interestingly when I get HU I'm facing a 2/1 chip deficit. Now a nice lady offered to deal for the table and even when she got KO'd she still carried on dealing. (her hubby was still in the invitational event).

To save the lady having to deal the HU I kindly suggest an even split :) but my opponent declines.

I have been chatting to the lady who I didn't know but have seen at the Broadway etc in the past. From this chat my opponent deduces I've been playing a while and it turns out he has played only twice before.

Up to this point I really didn't care whether I won or not but suddenly my pride won't let me lose to him so I really start to take things seriously and grind him down to take the CL. Then he asks for a deal!

Cheeky bugger I thought but in fairness to the dealer more than anything I agree, though I insist on having an extra £5 which he agrees to.

With still 2 hours till the evening comp me and Frenchy take a trip round to Burger King to get something to eat (the food is garbage inside the Ricoh). As you can see from the photo above you get all the best clientèle  @ Burger King. I really wish they would open a Nando's at the Ricoh  stadium it would make an absolute fortune.

So with a small win and some junk food inside me I'm feeling much better for the evening comp.

I enter via a free ticket I've won and use another for the add on. Nothing happened of any note in the re-buy period but soon after the re-start I go on a bit of a rush.

With blinds at 100/200 I 3 bet shove QQ and hold v AK to go to 9k. Then I have AsKs and 3 bet squeeze over a OP and 3 callers. Then I do it again on the button with KQo when I make it 4.1k after a raise to 700 and 2 callers. All the players would have had to go all in to call and I was fairly confident when I made the move it would get through.

Things were looking great for me as I was on 25k and no-one else on the table had more than 5k. Then I started yo-yo poker going down to 15k and back up to 25k with alarming regularity. I was hoping to get up to 50k and be comfortable to take me into the later stages but I just kept losing in big flips.

As time went on the blinds really started to hurt. With 20 minutes blind levels it started to get daft and I couldn't bully the table any more as they were all in shoving stack size.

As the blinds got bigger I get up to 45k and then start to yo yo between 25k and 45k, with the one step forward one step back roller-coaster continuing.

I could never win the all important 2 flips in a row to get into a comfy position.

When we got to 20 players left (With 10 x £1k seats guaranteed) the chip average was totally ridiculous.

This was a big prize to win or lose on basically a total crap shoot, but I was sort of feeling OK as I'd free-rolled in.

One thing I was grateful for was that I never moved seats throughout the entire tournament and this definitely helped when I had to pick which blinds to shove into when times were really desperate!

Though I did lose a couple of 60/40's and a 70/30 when I was big in chips, I had some massive pieces of luck when I short stacked later on.

With the blinds at 3k/6k/500 I lost a big flip when I shoved all in with A,10 UTG and beaten by 9,9 so was down to the felt.

The very next hand I'm in the bb for 6k with 1.5k behind. 3 players shove all in with A,10 A,9 and A4. respectively so I call for my last 1.5k without looking at my hole cards. I have J,4.

Flop J,6,8, 4,Q to quadruple up! not only that but the CL had the A4 and KO'd the other 2 players! Boom.

Then not long after I'm in bb for 8k and 12k behind. Someone ships in for 18k total, so I call without looking again.

When I flip my cards over I have 5,3 and my heart sinks when I see he has A,5. I need not have worried though as the dealer (Steph "mixed tape") turns the flop over.

JQ3,J,8 he wasn't a happy camper.

Somehow I struggle on and we then get to 11 players but the chip average is just 8bb's. I actually get 2 walks on my big blind as when the sb looked at me I just said "You know I'm likely to call blind so you better have a hand" that seemed to scare him and he folded both times!

A few minutes later I'm in the bb again (5 handed is quick!) and at this point I have 40k with blinds at 5k/10k/1k so I have 11k in the pot and 29k behind. A deal is suggested to pay £100 each so we can all have a seat.

I agree!

So I'm in the £1,000 main event on Friday. (flight 2 @ 6.00pm.)

Also I have a free seat to the £150 super satellite on Wednesday evening where 1/7 get a main event seat. If I'm lucky enough to bink another one then I will be given the £1,000 in cash.

So I'm back to the G Coventry tonight for event 2 the £100  NLHE freezeout. I shall be using some of my GUKPT vouchers to enter this one, so another nice free-roll!

P.S. Had a nice chat with Dave Allen who runs the

You should check it out if you play poker live in the Midlands as it has all the listings for every casino poker room.

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