Tuesday, 1 November 2011

GUKPT 2012

These are unconfirmed dates, but these are supposedly the tour details for the GUKPT for 2012.

Jan Manchester GUKPT 23rd-29th
Mar Brighton GUKPT 12th-18th
May Ireland GUKPT 7th-13th
June Belgium GUKPT TBC
July Luton GUKPT 30th-5th Aug
Aug Coventry GUKPT 20th-27th
Sep London GUKPT 17th-23rd
Nov Blackpool GUKPT 5th-11th
Dec London Grand Final 26th Nov-2nd Dec

I was originally under the impression that the Goliath would be held from Wed 22nd to bank Holiday Monday 27th. So not sure why it starts on Monday 20th. Either they are going for 5 day 1's or maybe they have other events running alongside the Goliath.

As I'm still in Spain I will not be able to find out for a few days.


ASCOT said...

Good blog again and thanks for the plug for the forum - one paragraph seemed quite familiar tho :-)

ASCOT said...

That was meant to be about your most recent blog post btw :-)