Monday, 27 June 2011

Hollywooding Tank Folding Tw@ts & Players Cheering My Exit!

You know you've been giving someone a tough time when they actually cheer when you get knocked out of the tourney!

More on that in a bit but first I want to talk about the thing that's tilting me the most at the moment. TIME WASTING IDIOTS!!!

Why do these people just love to have every body's eyes on them while they make a decision? I think maybe their Mom's didn't pay them enough attention when they were kids.

I've been playing a lot at the G Cov lately and that has advantages and disadvantages. Obviously I'm getting lot's of info on how a lot of the regulars play, but on the downside I can be on tilt the minute I see who's at my table.

There are two players who can tilt me before I play a hand. They cannot do anything without "tanking" first not even the simplest most obvious thing!

I get so annoyed because I feel that if I have an edge it's biggest at the low levels where we are playing deep. I feel I need to get good chips early to allow me to steal chips in the mid/later stages. Therefore I hate wasting time even at 25/50 50/100 etc as it's so important.

Friday I got drawn to the immediate right of one of the worst offenders, and played sat next to him for 4 or 5 levels till they broke our table. We got moved to the same table but were at opposite ends. By this time my patience is wearing very thin.

He seems to think it's more important to make a stylish looking bet than the correct sized one. (He has no clue on bet sizing) He can never just fold, not EVER. He has to dwell and ponce about with his chips before making a standard fold.

Often you can't prove or be 100% sure he's Hollywooding but Friday just gone he gave a couple of shocking examples. (He's a player who always looks at his cards before it's his turn to act and gives away what he's going to do before it's his turn)

The worst example was this hand. He's BB at 300/600 and has no change so he puts in a 1k chip. It gets folded to a mid position player, sat next to me, who makes it 1,700. The BB immediately looks at his cards (even though there are 3 or 4 to act before him) and asks the player next to him to give him change for the 1k. He puts in the correct 600 and takes his change back.

Now he isn't subtle enough to be faking it, he is 100% folding of that I have no doubt. The action is folded to the button who 3 bets all in for about 6k.

SB insta folds and then the Muppet in the BB starts Hollywooding. I mean WTF!! He was 100% folding for 1,700 is he really thinking about not folding now that it's 6k!

After 2 minutes of shuffling his chips and talking complete sh1t to the guy who 3 bet shoved, he then asks the initial opener who is sat next to me how much he has behind. I snap at this point!

"What difference does it make, your folding anyway?" I said in a very loud voice.

He doesn't quite know what to say to this and mumbles something. I'm so annoyed I quietly give my interpretation of the "getting his change" thing to the initial opener sat next to me. I confidently tell the guy next to me that he is folding.

I know I shouldn't be discussing anything as I'm not in the hand but enough is enough, we are nearly at 2nd break and the total amount of hands we've played is a joke.

After another 10/20 seconds or so the opener next to me calls the clock on him, hooray! He eventually folds and we can carry on with the game.

Give us a cheer!

On Thursday I got KO'd from the comp in 8th place for a very small cash. Exit hand at 1000/2000/200. One of the very few active players at the table opened for 4.5k and I shoved all in with 10,10 for 18k.

He tanked for quite awhile with AQ before eventually calling, he hits the A on the turn. When I miss the re-draw on the river I'm out and the only female at the table starts cheering because I've been KO'd!

I was a little annoyed about it at the time (it's not great etiquette is it?) but on reflection I actually think it is really funny and shows that my more aggressive style of late is having an effect on some of my opponents!

The history behind the cheer is as follows;

As far as I can remember I've played on this "ladies" table on 2 previous occassions plus the night in question. During all that time, apart from when she has been ultra short stacked,  I've only ever seen her turn over AA,KK,QQ or AKs. She is the biggest rock ever!

Game 1. I quickly started to target her big blind as unless she picks up a monster she's never calling. On a couple of occassions when I've raised her blind a very short stack has shipped in behind and I've had to make a reluctant call with total garbage as the maths is right.

When she gets to see the hands I've been raising with she is clearly rattled by it and promises to re-raise next time I raise her blind though she never did of course.

Game 2. Was in a Goliath satellite which had 10 seats Guaranteed and she was desperately trying to fold her way to a seat from 16 players out!

I was to her immediate left and had to start opening for 2.5 BB's UTG to steal her blind! She was not happy about it! She eventually got blinded down to dust before shoving in when ultra short and busted out just short of getting a seat.

Game 3. Anyway on the night in question we are on the same table from 3 tables out. She immediately starts moaning that "I'm always raising her blind" and she clearly has taken a personal dislike to me.

To start off with she's a long way round the table from me so I'm only raising her blind with some sort of hand. But as players get eliminated from 30 down to 21 our table gets shorter and shorter handed and without moving seats I effectively get closer and closer to her ending up on the button to her BB.

From when I'm the CO and High Jack I'm opening the pot on her big blind EVERY round of the table regardless of what I have.

She is getting more and more annoyed about it and I'm beginning to find it funny. Then at last she calls my raise and when the flop comes Q, 10, 3 she ships all in. I have something like 8,6 off, but say I have JJ and make a "reluctant" fold. She then starts giving me some verbals.

Then next round she 3 bet shoves my raise and I fold saying I have 8's ( I didn't), again she starts with the verbals and some of her language would make a docker blush. I should let it wash over me but instead after her brave 3bet shove, I offer her a tenner if she can "turn either card over and it's lower than a King". She either can't or chooses not to and my tenners safe, but at least it quietened her down a bit.

Anyway the next round of the table I peek at 1 card and see it's an Ace so push all in (Blinds have gone up and I have 10 bigs). She folds again and when I look the other card is an Ace as well!

Anyway when she folds I turn my cards over to show her and say "Look I always have a hand when I raise your blind!"

Anyway soon after that the FT bubble bursts and she gets a much better seat draw well away from me!

I can understand her joy at my exit as she had less than 3 big blinds and she is only ever going to ladder up a few spots. I think it's a good thing when you get the distinct impression that the players at a poker table are glad to see you go out as that shows they see you as a threat.

I never target anyone at the table for personal reasons, I just make a judgement on where I think the easier blinds are and take it from there.

However the next time I'm at her table I may struggle not to raise her BB just for the fun of it!